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How This All Started...

Once Upon a Time....

It’s 2013 and a dad band gathers in a basement in McFarland to play tunes and raise money for a variety of causes. Initially composed of guitars, bass, and drums, they recruited a couple of horn players to round out their sound. The horn players would eventually dub themselves the Scrap Metal Horns. But the group as a whole was known as The Funraisers.

Meanwhile, across town, a group of teachers were working together to provide musical entertainment for their young charges. They too eventually move on to play for community events and fundraisers calling themselves Plugged In.

Like the changing of the seasons, the bands evolved. People moved out and moved on. Each group had lost a couple of key musicians over the years. Fortunately, the two groups found each other and joined forces naming themselves Plugged In and the Scrap Metal Horns.

Playing horn-rock, R&B, funk, and jazz, the band played dozens of venues, ranging from community events, area bars (we closed The Badger Bowl and 5100 Club!), Memorial Union Terrace, weddings, and private parties. Besides making a little money for new equipment, PISMH has raised tens of thousands of dollars for many local causes.

Like all musicians, we largely stopped performing during Covid. We also decided to shorten and change our name to our standing rehearsal time: Six-Thirty Sharp.

So dust off your dancing shoes and queue up the music. We are ready to play for you and we want to see you Dancing in the Streets!

Meet Each Band Member!

Al Northouse
Vocals, guitar, keyboard
Ringmaster of the circus we call 6:30#
Libby Rowley
Vocals and percussion with an emphasis in cowbell
School teacher with a wicked voice
Barb Robson
Band goofball
Kim Brown
Bass Guitar
Rock Solid
Brian Rust
Brian likes to 'slide around'
Cathy Cuccia
Alto Sax
Cathy makes us move
Eric Adams
Drums, soundboard
Cool and smooth, Eric keeps us on track
Leah Scheide
Keyboard, vocals and percussion
Refuses to go to Rehab
Lu Ann Ransley
Thoughtful and supportive
Mike "I Feel Good" Scharf
Guitar, vocals and gig manager
He feels good!
Karl Adams
He plays a mean lead guitar.

Frank "The Tank" Ransley
Departed rocker and star trumpet player
We lost Frank to brain cancer in November of 2021. His untimely death has left a hole in our band and sadness in our hearts. All we can do is play on-for Frank, each other and you, our fans